10 Relay Output Module 12V Latching 00-00838-000

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Intellitec Control Module

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10 Relay Output Module 12V Latching #00-00838-000

The PMC Output Modules 00-00838-000 and 00-00838-410 are members of Intellitec’s Programmable Multiplex Control family, as well as the 160 Channel Multipoint Switching System.

  • They work in combination with the PMC CPU or the 160 Channel IPX Master and other standard, semi-custom, or custom I/O modules.
  • The modules provide power fusing, switching, and distribution .
  • 10 Relay Output Module 12V Latching #00-00838-000
  • They have five 20Amp SPST relays and five 10 amp SPST relays for switching loads to the battery.
  • Each fuse position can be filled with a fuse or circuit breaker.
  • All of the output harness connections are made with AMP Mate-N-Lok connectors to reduce installation time and errors.
  • The approximate module dimensions are 7.0″ x 6.250″ x 1.875″ (16.2mm x 15.9mm x 4.8mm).
  • The total module current should not exceed 70AMPS.
  • It should be installed in a protected environment inside the vehicle.
  • The 838-000 and 838-410 can be set for module addresses of A- P. This allows each output of the module to be addressed for any one of 160 channels in groups of 10.


  • The 838-000 is a latching module, which means that an output will turn on and latch on when it sees that it’s channel has been turned on momentarily. Once the output is on, the output will turn off when it sees it’s channel turn on momentarily again.
  • No program is necessary when used with either a PMC Central Processing Unit or the 160 Channel IPX Master.
  • An output can be turned on by providing a momentary input on the same channel address. Another momentary input turns the output off.

Example: Intellitec’s 10 button keypad has a button set for address B1 and a Latching Output Module 838-000 has an output set for address B1 while both are connected to an IPX Master, or PMC CPU. If push button B1 is pressed momentarily, output B1 of the output module will latch on. Pushing the button again will latch the output off. If a push button is set for BL/MR, pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds will cause all outputs that are latched on, to turn off.

  • When using this module with PMC you should neither check the latched switch box in the Windows set up software for the push button nor should a Boolean be written to operate the output. Channel P10 for 3 seconds will unlatch all latched outputs.
  • The 838-410 is a non-latching module, which means the output will turn on when it sees it’s address but will not latch and should only be used with the PMC system. In this case, if the channel is turned on momentarily, the output will only be on while the channel is on, but will not latch. This module will respond to programming in the same fashion as any other PMC output module. To keep the output on, the channel must be kept on.


  • Next to each Mate-N-Lok output connection you will find an LED. If the output is on, the LED will be on. Should the output be on and a fuse is blown, the LED will not illuminate.
  • Next to pin J1-2, you will find an LED which illuminates RED and indicates that the multiplex communication signal is not normal.


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