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Xantres Generator Starters

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Xantrex’ Automatic Generator Start is a panel and a control module system that automatically activates your generator.

  • It allows your inverter/charger to automatically recharge battery banks before they become critically low.
  • The AGS system can also be used to trigger generator support for air conditioning in dry camping situations or when she power is unavailable.
  • Continuously monitors your RV’s battery system and air conditioning thermosfat.
  • Can be configured so that any combination of low battery voltage or air conditioner activation tarts the auxiliary generator.
  • Automatically stops the generator after two hours of fun time.
  • Remote panel enables the user to set quiet times and time boner settings, preventing inappropriate generator operation.
  • User-friendly interface displays important system information for setting and monitoring automatic generator starts.
  • Compatible with any inverter/charger system.
  • Compatible with Onan and Powertech diesel generators (contact Xantrex to confirm compatibility with your specific generator).
  • Need Wire Harness part #16-76009001 with this unit.

Warranty Terms: Manufactuers’ Warranty


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