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Dinosaur Electronics Inc. Refrigerator Boards

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Designed as a replacement for all of Dometic’s® existing “”Black box boards””. Our board has an improved thermocouple circuit to eliminate the “”Recurring check light”” problem. The board comes as a 2-way and can be used as a 3-way by adding the supplied fuse. It is fuse protected on the 12 VDC, DC element circuit, and 120 VAC circuit. A food saver feature keeps the refrigerator operating if the eyebrow board communications link fails. A knob on the circuit board allows you to fine-tune the temperature of units equipped with a temp selector, and allows you to choose from the full temperature range even with fixed temp refrigerators. Complete instructions makes installing this circuit board simple, all connections are clearly marked. This board works with or without the “”Ground problem”” wiring kit.

Works in the following models
NDR 1062 NDR 1272 NDR 1282 RM 2551 RM 2554
RM 2607 RM 2611 RM 2612 RM 2620 RM 2652
RM 2807 RM 2811 RM 2812 RM 2820 RM 2825
RM 3607 RM 3662 RM 3663 RM 3807 RM 3862
RM 3863 RM 4872 RM 4873 RM 7030 RM 7130
RM 7732 RM 7832 S 1521 S 1531 S 1621
S 1631 S 1821 S 1831

Warranty Terms: 3 Years

For use in Dometic: NDR1062, NDR 1272, NDR1282, RM2607, RM2611, RM2612, RM2652, RM2807, RM2811, RM2812, RM2852 RM3607, RM3662, RM3663, RM3807, RM3862, RM 3863, RM4872 RM4873, RM7030, RM7130, RM7732, RM 7832, S1521, S1531, S1621, S1631, S1821, S1831. A kno

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Dimensions 5.5 × 4 × 1.5 in