KIB Battery Disconnect Latching Relay #LR9806C-BIP

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KIB Latching Relays

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KIB Battery Disconnect Latching Relay #LR9806C-BIP

Latching relay

C-BIP version has a small circuit board attached to the “positive” terminal of the relay coil. The is a protection circuit that removes voltage from the coil after a time delay to protect the coil should the switch become stuck in the closed position, or the wiring become grounded.

Replaces the now obsolete LR9806C

KIB Battery Disconnect Latching Relay #LR9806C-BIP
Coil Rating 12VDC – 4.4 OhmsNon-Poliarity Sensitive
Min. Activation Voltage 7VDC
Contact Type: 110 amps carry 6-36VDC
Latch Type: Mechanical Push On/Push Off Coil Activated

What is a Latching Relay?

A latching relay is a two-position electrically-actuated switch. It is controlled by two momentary-acting switches or sensors, one that ‘sets’ the relay, and the other ‘resets’ the relay. The latching relay maintains its position after the actuating switch has been released, so it performs a basic memory function.
Even after the input voltage is interrupted, this KIB Battery Disconnect Latching Relay #LR9806C-BIP maintains its set or reset condition until it receives the next inverting input. It is also called a keep relay. There are two types of mechanisms for maintaining the set and reset conditions: a magnetic holding type and a mechanical holding type.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 3 × 3 in

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