KIB Board Assembly M21 and M23 Series # SUBPCBM21

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KIB Board Assembly M21, M23 Series # SUBPCBM21
KIB Replacement Board Assembly, M21 & M23 Series, SUBPCBM21

Applicable to: M21NPVW; M21VW; M23VWL

This board is a new genuine factory replacement board for the M21 and M23 series Monitors from KIB Enterprises. Be sure to use Genuine KIB replacement parts on your Monitor.

The M Panel Systems from KIB allow monitoring of the fresh water, Grey Water, Black Water and Battery Levels. All functions are controlled from a computer type “tact” switch for easy operation. Optional LP gas monitoring is available and or a 4th water tank. All M Series monitor have a lighted pump switch to control the Water Pump. The monitor panel display consumes 75Ma maximum with all options and only when the button is pushed. The KIB Replacement Monitor Board Assembly #SUBPCBM21 has led lights to enhance the display and keep your monitor working at peak efficiency.

Applicable to: M21NPVW; M21VW; M23VWL

Monitor Replacement board

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 4 × 6 in

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