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WirthCo Battery Accessories

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Fuse Block Add-On Circuit Taps

  • Adds power circuits for accessories without cutting or splicing.
  • Made in USA of hardened brass in compliance with ISO-9000 international standards.

Fuse Taps For Occupied Slots In Fuse Block

  • Taps clip onto existing fuses to provide additional connection point for slip-on terminals.
  • A tap installed at “cold” end of fuse slot is protected by existing fuse.
  • A tap installed at “hot” end of fuse slot requires installation of additional in-line fuse for new circuit.
  • Packaged as kits including 3 taps, plus crimp-type slip-on terminals: 3 red 22-18 gauge, and 3 blue 16-14 gauge.

Warranty Terms: 90 days


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