Parallax Battery Disconnect Relay BR100

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Parallax Battery Disconnect Relay

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Parallax Battery Disconnect Relay BR100

The mounting bracket supplies the negative (-) 12 VDC connection point for the BR100 Relay. The mounting surface must be clean, free of paint, and should be electrically common to the (-) negative side of the 12 volt system.

If the mounting location is NOT electrically common to the 12volt system, a ring terminal and a #18 AWG CU minimum insulated conductor (wire) must be connected to the (-) negative side of the 12 volt system. (An external tooth ring terminal or an external tooth lock washer used with a standard ring terminal is recommended).

  • A single pole double throw switch (SPDT) (latching or momentary) may be used. (Switch not supplied)
  • Use minimum switch rating: 12 Volts @ 1 AMP
  • 100AMP Continuous
  • 300AMP Surge for 30 seconds
  • 12 Volts DC
  • Has (+) optional system accessory load supply.
  • Is fused, 10AMPS maximum (fuses not supplied)

“Battery Friendly” operation of the relay requires no continuous draw on the system in either the open or closed position.


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