Progressive Dynamics 20 Amp Marine Converter PD2120

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Progressive Dynamics 20 Amp Marine Converter PD2120

Manufacturer:Progressive Dynamics, Inc.
Description:20 Amp Electronic Marine Converter/Charger
Model #:PD2120V

The PD2120 is a 30-amp Electronic Marine Converter/Charger capable of charging up to three separate banks

Four-Stage Charging System- patented Microprocessor constantly monitors battery voltage and automatically selects one of the four charging modes; BOOST, NORMAL, STORAGE or EQUALIZE.
3 Diode Isolated Outputs- allows the converter/charger to charge three separate banks of batteries. Each output is capable of handling the full rated current of the charger.
Patented Reverse Battery Protection- prevents converter/charger from being damaged if the batteries are accidentally connected to the charger in reverse.
Over Voltage Protection- prevents high voltage spikes from damaging the converter/charger.
Electronic Current Limiting- limits the output current to the maximum rating of the charger to prevent overheating and damage caused by shorts or excessive loads.
Variable Speed Intelligent Cooling Fan- only runs as fast as required to maintain a more constant operating temperature inside the converter/charger. This feature reduces thermal stress caused by fans that cycle on and off.
Programmable in the Field- to provide optimum charging profiles for lead-acid, gel-cell, or AGM batteries.
Regulated Output Voltage- prevents AC Line voltage variations from being transmitted to the batteries and 12 volt circuits.
Automatic Over-Temperature Shutdown- prevents converter/charger damage in the event the fan is unable to cool the charger due to inadequate compartment ventilation.
Series or Parallel Connection- Inteli-Power Converter/Chargers can be connected in series to provide a combination 12/24 Volt system, or in parallel to provide more current.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 10.2 × 7.8 × 4.2 in

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