Sure Power 130 Amp 1 Input 2 Battery Isolator 1302

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Sure Power Industries Battery Isolator

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Sure Power 130 Amp 1 Input 2 Battery Isolator 1302

Original equipment Delco (GM), except Delcotron CS series alternators (CS series used on most 1985 and newer GM vehicles). Ford up to 1997. Chrysler all models, all years, including Nippendenso externally regulated alternators. Jeeps equipped with Nippendenso alternators externally regulated. Japanese imports with alternators using external voltage regulators or external sensing. Motorola load handler series, 8EM remote sense series.


  • Description: Multi-Battery Isolator
  • System Operation: 6-50 Volts DC
  • Sure Power 130 Amp 1 Input 2 Battery Isolator 1302
  • Max. Current: 130 Amp
  • Operation Temp: -40C to +93C Ambient
  • Insulation to Ground: 500V 60Hz AC Min.
  • Ground Type: Negative
  • Finish: Blue anodized to withstand 336 hr salt spray per latest revision of ASTM B117.
  • Hardware: Terminal and mounting hardware included.

Complete Overview:

  • Eliminates multi-battery drain, when two or more battery banks are in a charging system.
  • Performs as well or better than existing factory installed components.
  • Designed to exceed OEM specifications.
  • Solid State Electronics…Isolates each battery circuit and allows each battery to discharge and change according to its own needs.
  • The ORIGINAL, not an imitation! The Battery Isolator was invented by Sure Power® in 1959.
  • More efficient and reliable than mechanical or solenoid system.
  • The most comprehensive line of Battery Isolators on the market. Isolators are available for most application needs.

Warranty Terms: 1 Year

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.5 × 3.26 in

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