Sure Power 200 Amp 1 Input, 2 Battery Isolator 2002

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Sure Power Industries Battery Isolator

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Sure Power 200 Amp 1 Input, 2 Battery Isolator 2002

(For inboard and outboard marine applications refer to instruction 180119 – Marine Isolator Installation Instructions section see link below)
The installation of a Sure Power Multi-Battery Isolator is quite simple as long as you carefully read and understand these instructions,
and most importantly review the application chart below before you begin.
To choose the proper battery isolator for your application the vehicle alternator type is very critical, so verify the alternator you have. Contact Sure Power Industries technical support 503-692-5360 to help verify your alternator/isolator application. The make and model
number of alternator is required.
First, make sure you have all the tools, wire, connectors and circuit breakers you will need. Sure Power offers a range of installation wiring kits which make the job a snap. See the table that follows for the recommended wire size and circuit breaker for your installation.
For optimum system performance it is recommended that a battery labeled “Deep Cycle” be used in the auxiliary position.
Finally, Sure Power Multi-Battery Isolators are designed for the alternator systems with negative ground, and batteries of the same
nominal voltage. Batteries of differing voltages cannot be used. For positive ground systems, marine outboard systems, or heavy-duty
truck systems contact Sure Power’s technical support for the proper isolator for your specialized application.


  • Input Volts: 6-50V DC
  • Output Amps Peak: 200 Amps
  • Number of Input Terminals: 1
  • Number of Output Terminals: 2
  • Includes Installation Kit?: No
  • Mounting Length: 189.7mm / 7.469in
  • Mounting Width: 105.7mm / 4.161in
  • Mounting Height: 63.3mm / 2.492in
  • Includes Hardware Kit
  • Negative Ground
  • 317.5mm Overall Length
  • Terminal Code “Battery 1
  • Alternator
  • Battery 2″


  • Battery Isolator For OEM Delco (GM) Except CS Series Alternators
  • Motorcraft (Ford)
  • Mopar (Chrysler)
  • Japanese Imports Using External Voltage Regulators or External Sensing
  • Motorola Load Handler Series & 8EM Remote Sense Series Alternators
  • 9Lx4 1/2Wx2 1/2D

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