WF-9835 WFCO 35 AMP Converter

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WF-9835 WFCO 35 AMP Converter

These deck mount converter/charger models ranging from 35 to 75 Amps are versatile, advanced power source solutions, providing clean, reliable DC power for electronics and appliances, even without filtering from a battery.

The WF-9800 Series converter/chargers are versatile, advanced power source solutions. The WF-9835 WFCO 35 AMP Converter model provides 35 Amps of clean, reliable DC power, which is ideal for powering electronics and appliances. The 9800 Series provides clean power, even without filtering from a battery. Quiet operation is assured as the cooling fan runs only when needed.

Another advantage is FCC Class B compliance for the WF-9835 WFCO 35 AMP Converter, which means that the converter is designed not to cause interference with televisions, radios, or other signals. Automatic three-stage battery charging maintains your battery’s life with three nominal voltage output modes: 13.2 VDC range “float” mode, 13.6 VDC range “absorption” mode, and a 14.4 VDC range “bulk” charge mode. Electronic current limiting automatically shuts down the power during overload or short-circuit conditions.


Converter Type: Three-Stage Converter Charger
Input Voltage/Hz: 105-130 VAC, 60 Hz
Output Current: 35 A
Voltage Output: 13.2 – 14.4V DC Range
Absorption Mode (Nominal Voltage): 13.6V DC (nominal voltage)
Bulk Mode (Quick Charging Voltage): 14.4V DC (quick charging voltage)
Float Mode (Trickle Charge Voltage): 13.2V DC (trickle charge voltage)
Over Current protection: Yes
Over Temperature protection: Yes
Over Voltage Protection: Yes
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
Short Circuit Protection: Yes
Cooling System: Yes
Dimensions: 5.7˝ wide; 3.9˝ high; 7.5˝ deep
Weight: 4.0 lbs.
Certifications: FCC
Output Power: 35 amps DC output

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Weight 5.75 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 9.5 × 4 in