Wirthco 30 Amp Mini Blade Fuse Holder 31830

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Wirthco Fuse Holder

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Wirthco 30 Amp Mini Blade Fuse Holder 31830

30AMP Mini Blade Fuse Holder with 12-gauge leads & water proof cover.

  • 30-amp mini blade fuse holder with 12-gauge wire; water resistant cover.
  • 5-1/2 inch wire leads.
  • Fuse included.

A fuse holder is a device that holds a fuse (size depending on device) that is designed to burn out when the power load exceeds the safe limit for the device.¬†Many car audio systems draw a very large amount of electrical power; more, in fact, than many car electrical systems were designed to handle. The issue is not so much with either the battery or alternator; both usually possess enough overcapacity and can be readily upgraded. The issue is with safety of the wiring. Most of the heavy lifting done by a car’s electrical system happens on the engine side of the firewall, where it is easily isolated and the wiring is often very heavy. Car stereos, on the other hand, are on the passenger side of the firewall; where they are not isolated and the wiring is not as heavy. To get around this, many of the more powerful components, especially amplifiers, draw power directly from the battery. This lets them use a heavier gauge wire, but it does mean bringing more current through the firewall than is normally recommended. In order to prevent the repercussions of an electrical fault in the engine compartment from passing through the firewall, these cables must be fused as close to the battery terminal as possible. This means they need Wirthco 30 Amp Mini Blade Fuse Holder 31830. Knowing which fuse holders are designed for car audio will help potential buyers choose the best type for their needs.

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